Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Atlas Sound - Cold and Golden

Portrait of Christ with further illustration by the late Benjamin Smoke. From Kristin's bedroom wall.

my only option was to change my ways
to change the way i see things
my only option was to change the way
i see things way i see things

the days in the wake were
cold and golden
always dripping honey from the
the edges of buildings
blend together
make the weather seem so severe

my only option was to change the way
i see things i feel it
my only fear was a change that happens
when i'm sleeping
leaves me waiting


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Atlas Sound - The Time I Spent With Nico

1. The Time I Spent with Nico (Quiet)
2. The Time I Spent with Nico (Loud)

the time i spent with nico
the time i spent and we go
to an abandoned hospital in
deep within the woods
we've never been before

the time i spent with nico
disolves my heart and we go
walking down a beach
in the dawn
i know that this can't last too long

walking down a beach at dawn
i remind myself this can't last long
until i wake up
until i wake up
till i wake up
till i wake up


Atlas Sound - Tired Congregation


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Atlas Sound - Covers Two Songs For My Dad EP

I covered two of my Dad's favorite songs. My dad likes depressing songs. He is not a depressed guy, unless the Braves are losing.

1. I'm So Lonesome (I Could Cry)
2. Blue Moon


Monday, April 21, 2008

Three things making my month...

aside from being nearly done w/ the new record.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

2. David Chang

3. This comic strip

edit: i can't figure out how to make it post the entire're gonna have to click on it and open the image separately until i do...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Micromix 15

1. chameleons uk - tears
2. andrew thomas - shiny garden
3. austin coleman (with joe washington) - good lord (run old jeremiah)
4. beatles - blue jay way
5. ben e. king - stand by me
6. xtc - ladybird
7. wire - ex-lion tamer
8. wipers - so young
9. smog - driving
10. pylon - cool


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Atlas Sound - April 13

This is a little (or rather long) song i made today in the studio as practice with my new setup for the upcoming solo Atlas Sound performances at ATP, with Animal Collective in Europe, and Primevara Sound. This should give you an idea of what to expect of a solo A.S. performance. Its based from a sample I made of Nicolas' broken piano.

After the Deerhunter show at the Market Hotel Friday, I became extremely ill. Lockett and I had both been suffering from a severe flu, but I think exhaustion and too much cigarette smoke pushed me beyond my limits and by Sunday, the 13th I had to go to the emergency room in Manhattan. I honestly felt like I was dying and there is no better time to explore and relive small tears in your past than to have them floating in front of you in a haze of painkillers and i.v. bags.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008


buy breeders album now. at a real record store. celebrate record store day.

Unused Vocal Take from "Microcastle Sessions"

If anyone is interested Nicolas also runs a bitching label, RARE BOOK ROOM RECORDS, go check out the Living Bridge Comp featuring Deerhunter, Avey Tare, Telepethe, Black Dice, Samara Lubelski, Silver Jews feat. Steven Malkmus, Blood on the Wall, Enon (who have a Kim Deal connection via Braniac - word up Mountain Battles) and my personal favorite Rings, who are playing with us this friday.


Screenshot 12:54 A.M. Brooklyn, NY

Monday, April 7, 2008

On the "Atlas Sound" show this Friday in Brooklyn

It will actually be a Deerhunter show. we are playing the new album "Microcastle" we have recorded with Nicolas Vernhes at the amazing Rare Book Room here in Brooklyn in its entirety. The reason we did not announce it as such is that a.) it was originally intended to be just an atlas sound show, but we have had such a great time recording with each other and rehearsing in the studio that we thought it would be fun to try and pull off an impromptu show with borrowed equipment. and b.) we weren't sure it would work out at first. I just want to say that we have been doing shows with Todd P for years now (he gave us shows before anyone would even think of talking to us.) Todd is the most upstanding and all-around dedicated dudes I've ever dealt with. He knows what he's doing and always keeps his priorities straight - putting on fun shows and treating bands well. In my opinion, as an outsider, this city is very lucky to have someone putting so much effort into putting on amazing shows. On another note: I seriously doubt the show is sold out and it probably won't sell out. I don't know much about the details but I'd encourage people to just chill and try and come out and have fun with us. Hope those who are interested will come check out the new songs, they are a lot different and we've been working really hard and having a great time. Respect to all.


p.s. check out Todd's site for tons of other rad shows coming up in the NYC / Brooklyn area.