Monday, January 28, 2008

Ghetto Cross, Aaron Hemphill, Half Pint & The Fifths, Martha & The Vandellas

I changed the picture because blog controversy is sooo 2007.

Present Tense: Cole Alexander (Black Lips) and I have a new thing called Ghetto Cross. The name is old. We first talked about having a band called that when we first met and started hanging out. Then he used it for a Black Lips song title. Now we take it back to the streets. He came over saturday night and we knocked out a song for a 7" we are going to do for Chunklet Magazine guy Henry Owing's new label. Is it the label still called Drug Racer, Henry? We hope to have it done in time for the Atlas Sound tour, and upcoming Black Lips dates.

Anyway here is the first song we did, 'Dog Years' (Download MP3)

More photos of other members of Deerhunter besides me in dresses... first, Colin....

... and Lockett. This was backstage at Hard Rock Live opening up for YYY's. Please note the Martha & The Vandellas Songbook he is caressing. It will make this post circular in theme and narrative...

Next we have...

photo of the Liars from the ATP Release the Bats show we played with them back in November...
My buddy Aaron Hemphill from Liars returned my tennis serve cover of his song "Pure Unevil" with a cover of the song "Bite Marks" from the forthcoming Atlas Sound record that most of you have heard already. Go see the Liars / No Age superbill when it hits your town, for real.

Aaron Hemphill - Bitemarks (Atlas Sound Cover)

Here is the original song from the Cryptomixtape that Marc Hogan at Pitchfork correctly (and very impressively) identified as Half Pint and the Fifths' "Orphan Boy"

Tomorrow I plan on posting a micromix of songs I ripped from vinyl all day Sunday. The weather here in Atlanta has been amazing the past two days. I spent Sunday with my window open, burning incense and ripping vinyl. Relaxo. Here is a sneak preview of one of the jewels of my Girl Groups collection, a rare Martha & The Vandellas Bootleg. Check out the guitar playing on this shit. Totally manic....

Martha & The Vandellas - Jimmy Mack (Live)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Micromix 13 & Images From William Mann's "Lettering & Lettering Display"

Micromix 13:

1. Everly Brothers - I Wonder If I Care As Much (Demo)
2. Moby Grape - Here
3. The Orb - Pomme Fritz
4. The dB's - Black And White
5. The Breeders - Rave On (Demo from "Pod" Era)
6. Teenager - Bedroom Blue
7. Medicine - Time Baby II
8. His Name Is Alive - Bad Luck Girl
9. Joe Meek - Piano Instrumental (Demo)
10. Les Rallizes Denudes - Night of the Assassins
11. Epic Soundtracks - Meet Me On The Beach
12. Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux - Tidal Pool


Friday, January 25, 2008

Cryptograms Mixtape

Anyone who has read any reviews of Cryptograms probably knows that there was a bit of a false start in the recording process. After the album was finally finished, the fine guys at Fuck It Tapes, out of Brooklyn, asked us to put out a cassette. I decided I'd return to the failed recording session's rough master and see if I could manage anything out of it. The result was a sort of tape collage. I'm not sure why I never managed to turn it in, but it was never produced.

DOWNLOAD: Deerhunter - Cryptograms Mixtape

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Healing Music: "Dog Named Apollo"

Here is the subject with his dog. The dog is named Apollo.

I am still working on the healing music thing. I really appreciate all the responses. There were 120-something of them. As you can understand. This will probably take me until I'm 40 or something. I have decided that to be fair I'm going to simply do them in the order that they arrived. This was the second...

Hi Bradford, my name is (i'm witholding that until he gives me permission to put it here).
Here's my story idea for a song:

I'm in love with a boy 557.72 miles away. His name is Matt. We try as hard as we can to see each other but it's so hard sometimes. I think a song about us would be amazing and help me out when it's hard and I'm missing him. We have nick names for each other. I'm "Honeybear" and he's "Pumpkin." Those are the song titles of two Yeah Yeah Yeahs songs. We've only seen each other 3 times and we talk all the time online and on the phone whenever we can. This christmas he planned on coming to see me but can't. And I was going to propose to him. I think the long distance relationship topic is taboo. But it's still love.

Thank you for your time.

Atlas Sound - Dog Named Apollo.mp3

Fluorescent Grey Demos & Out-takes

Today's post is a continuation of what I started yesterday. I thought I'd explain a little bit about why I've decided to post these home recordings and demos.

Cryptograms came out last year on January 29. Since then all of us in Deerhunter have spent all of our effort touring and working to support that album and the following EP, Fluorescent Grey. We kind of burned ourselves out. I retreated to my bedroom and recorded the Atlas Sound record over the summer last year, in between tours. I also lost a pretty decent job as a graphic designer to do this stuff. The worst part of being in a band is the periods in between bursts of activity.

For the past few weeks I've had basically nothing to do. I'm just kind of sitting around waiting for the Atlas Sound tour to start. I've worked since I was 15 (Thanks Wendy's!) so I am definitely not used to all this free time. I am basically totally out of alignment with any type of normal schedule. I wake up in the evening as late as 10 or 11 p.m. and stay up all through the night till the afternoon. It might sound like a vacation but it blows in a lot of ways and I feel pretty useless.

In my never-ending search for "something to do" that does not involve leaving my room I decided a couple of nights ago to, uh, "organize my hard drive."

I have the most whacked out file method of organizing files in the world. I basically found hidden folders within other hidden folders and discovered quite a few 4-track home recordings. I started to listen to them for nostalgic reasons and quickly realized that a lot of the things I liked about songs when I wrote them had changed or been de-emphasized in the final recordings. I figured why not share this stuff and explain how the songs originated. I wish some of my favorite bands would do the same. I always used to love it when bands would put demos or home-recordings on the b-sides of singles. The Breeders did this a lot, and if you have never heard the Strokes home-recordings they tacked on to the singles from "Room on Fire" I urge you to go seek them out. They are part of the reason I still maintain that they were (could not get into that last album no matter how I tried) a totally rad band.

With all that said...

Tonight I'd like to share with you a collection of demos and home recordings from the Fluorescent Grey EP and tell you a little bit about the origins of the songs.

The following images are the original artwork I had designed for the EP. The rest of the band rejected it. I think Josh and Moses said it looked to much like Broadcast's artwork, which in retrospect I can kind of agree with...


1. Fluorescent Grey (Home Recording July 2006)*
2. Dr. Glass (Home Recording July 2006)*
3. Like New (Home Recording July 2006)*
4. Wash Off (First Sketch, Recorded @ Notown, December 2003)*
5. Grayscale (Out-take, Original Mix recorded February 2006) +
6. Kousin Klash (Out-take, Second Version, Home Recording May 2006)*
7. So Many Bodies (Original sketch of what became Dr. Glass, March 2006)*
8. Axis 1 (F. Grey) (Early version of Fluorescent Grey recorded in my closet October 2005)*
9. People Never No (Original sketch of what became Fluorescent Grey, November 2005)*

* indicates these were recorded by myself, i.e. i'm playing all the instruments
+ recorded with the band


Tracks 1-3: These were recorded all in one afternoon in an effort to better refine the songs. We had a band meeting later that night in my bedroom and I played them the tape and we worked out the details of the songs. I especially like the version of Dr. Glass here. I don't think we really captured the atmosphere and creepiness I was going for on the final EP version. For the EP we actually took the 4-track and sampled the drum machine pattern from this version. I never learned how to program a drum machine really, so I would basically use my digidelay and create a loop in real time, then I'd usually use a microphone to capture acoustic percussion sounds like shakers and tambourine and overlap it into the loop. When we recorded the final version the engineer, Chris Bishop, had to speed the tape up for Moses to play along, then he slowed it back down so Moses' drums are basically at half speed. Lockett wrote Like New on his own. I recorded this version just so I could make up words. I couldn't find his original demo. I actually can't remember if he even made one or if he just taught me the song. I could always go downstairs and ask him I guess.

Track 4: Recorded one night right after Christmas 2003. I was at Notown and it was really rainy and cold outside and it got really late and I was probably downloading Pere Ubu bootlegs or something and lost track of time. When I went to leave I realized everything had frozen over and I couldn't even get my car door open, so I went back inside and banged around and this was the result. Total. Early. Fall. Rip.

Track 5: Greyscale was originally released as our side of a split 7" on Rob's House records. I got an e-mail today and they are about to repress this single. The version on the 7" was kind of "remixed" by Josh using this primitive mac program called Sound Edit 16. Here is the original version. I played drums on this. Moses played electronics. We all huddled in my bedroom and did this on Josh's 8-Track one night. We made it up as we were going along. I wanted to do something that sounded like Glass Candy meets the spacier moments on Swell Maps' "A Trip To Marineville." The drum sound was particularly influenced by Johnny Jewel's production.

Track 6: The original version of Kousin Klash was recorded at Notown when Josh first joined the band. We were bored one night and decided to make an "avant garage" song. Colin played drums, Moses played guitar, Josh played bass, I think I just sang. When we were planning the Fluorescent Grey EP the original idea was to rearrange the song and include it. This my attempt at rearranging it. I don't know what happened but we just dropped the idea of using it and never talked about it again.

Track 7: This weird thing is a fragment of a tape I made labeled "How I Escaped the Prison of Fractals," and after much rearrangement became Dr. Glass. The songs Fluorescent Grey and Dr. Glass were both inspired by panic attacks. Dr. Glass was specifically about this one rainy Saturday afternoon. I was in my bed looking at the New York Times and there was this vivid color image of a little girl in Iraq squatting over the dead body of her mother. I started thinking about bodies and rotting and brutal violent human stuff, wars, all this terrible stuff from history... and literally hid under my sheets, sweating. I made this tape later that night.

Track 8: Originally released on the Hoss Records Atlas Sound / Mexcellent split 12". Recorded in my walk-in closet. Lyrics are improvised about a dream in which I was in a nightclub that became a labyrinth with neon lights and fog.

Track 9: This was the original sketch that became Fluorescent Grey. I came home one day and wanted to make a song that sounded like it could be on both the Breeders album Pod and also on Hex Enduction Hour by the Fall. I was also obsessed with having two drum tracks on everything, mainly because of the Fall.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spring Hall Convert 4-Track Demos

I was reorganizing one of my external hard drives out of boredom and i found an assload of 4-track demos from back in the day. i'll start with two snippets of tape that, when edited and combined became "Spring Hall Convert"...

Atlas Sound - Spring Hall Sketch (October 1998).mp3

You are not misreading that. OCTOBER 1998. This song is old as fuck. This was recorded on a fucking Karaoke Machine when I was a junior in high school. I used to make all these song fragments and make tape collages. the phased drums at the beginning are an example of my stonedness. I remember vaguely the recording of this one dark cloudy afternoon after walking home from the bus stop. Hydrocodone was a factor at the time. This is basically the first half of the song. The lyrics remain unchanged on the Cryptograms version.

Atlas Sound - Oh Drama (Spring Hall Outro May 1999)

This is a goofy song that comes off a tape of songs I recorded spring break of the same year of high school. All the songs on this tape are similarly cute and not-serious. I think I was trying to write pixies-style songs at the time. I do remember distinctly how this tape was recorded. 4-track with 2 tracks of drums and vocals (one radioshack mic that was incredibly good at picking up both the bass drum and snare / hihats at the same time) were recorded first. then i laid down acoustic rhythm guitar with more vocals and finally on the last track lead acoustic guitar and yes more vocals. I will probably organize and master the rest of the tape one night when i'm bored and stick it up here. i would be embarrassed about some of the lyrics and vocals but why bother? i was fucking 17 or something. all my classmates were listening to dave matthew's band. to me, eno was god, malkmus was christ and kim deal the virgin mary. kevin sheilds might have been the holy spirit but i can't remember. or maybe a one of the three wise men. or a lamb or something.

Anyway, the last part of this song we took and slapped on the end of the first sketch and there you have it. Spring Hall Convert.
Up next will be some demos from Fluorescent Grey and the Atlas Sound record (there aren't many, but recent bedroom dates back to 2004 and there are three versions...)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

i miss you deerhunter

im in vancouver right now on tour with a new band. cant wait for atlas sound tour to happen after this one.

Atlas Sound - Two Covers

CAUTION: this is mastered really IN THE RED and could probably blow your speakers. be careful. song comes from what i should have listed as my number one album of last year but i wasn't sure if it actually came out last year... Jay Reatard's Blood Visions is a completely perfect album with NO FILLER only amazing brutal psychotic pop songs. Go check it out. Buy in on vinyl for an extra loud kick.


P.S. this sounds like the mood i'm in lately. so you can see why its taking a while to do the healing music thing. don't worry though. its coming. love you all.

UPDATE - Here's another one i did tonight to clean out my ears. It's the old Righteous Brothers song "Unchained Melody"


Also I updated the link for the song I recorded for Madeline, "Children's Hospital" in the post below. It's Mediafire now, so it should download and play with no problem.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adam Forkner presents us with a Portland Family Portrait in Sound

white fang - breakfast

from their newest album NATIVEZ, due out on marriage in 08. these recent high school graduates basically RULE the scene with positivity and FUN...WHITE FANG 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jackie-o motherfucker - sing! (excerpt)

a killer track featuring eva inca ore on vox, and t greenwood, nick from tunnels and me on dueling overdubbed german guitarz...'you are a natural born music maker and the chief musicians of your life' fuckin'a...........from valley of the fire LP which came out on in 07

tom blood - lionel richie

from the book the sky position released by marriage records publishing house in 2007. the book won the Oregon Book Award for poetry. tom is the salty captain of the good ship Oak Street, where a lot of the marriage/yarnlazer family live in a big warehouse building.

rob walmart - lionel

Tom also rocks the mic in ROB WALMART, which is a thunderously crunk super-group of madness which has gone on, under the radar for more than a decade. this is the flagship band for our crew. most everyone in the marriage family has been involved, as well as other passers through. check to feel Rob's dance powers. oh yeah, and Rob play shows from inside the van...

AJO (members of rob walmart)-

this is some adrian orange recorded at marriage in the last few months, i think its on the Adrian Orange and her Band Japanese version as a bonus track. taking it deeper, looser and more truthful. we ween'ed the fuck out of this one with lots of flange.

valet (mem of rob walmart)- this is some old school more electronic era Valet, which is Honey Owens (member of Jomf, rob walmart, nudge, atlas sound!)

dark yoga (mem of rob walmart) - snippet of live on the radio

dark yoga is a psychedelic jam collective with Honey and me and our friends brian, matt and dan. we play a couple times a year. we played this weekend at this awesome reggae raw food restaurant called Proper Eats. it was a tough jam.....100% fun.

Little Wings - Scuby

from the 2007 mellow candle SOFT POW'R........damn, kyle....just.......damn.....

American People - ???

American People were Jake and Dave Longstreth (dirty projectors) back when jake and i were at college and dave was still in high school. every winter break they would make a new tape for all the homies...totally loose jangly lo-fi 4 track pop and dave's ever expanding harmonic sense...ROOTS

Malibu Falcon - Baby, lets take LSD (excerpt) - from their second CDR

Malibu Flacon was a very obscure (like i think they made like 3 copies of this cdr) portland psychedelic basement collaboration between Eva Inca Ore and Nick Tunnels after their time together in the punk group Alarmist, before they went on to do their solo stuff and later joined JOMF, replacing me and honey last minute when we bailed on a tour...i think pete from yellow swans is going to re-issue a malibu falcon 'best-of' soon.

acre - excerpt of something.....

acre is drone artist aaron davis of portland oregon. he also plays in Gowns these days...yarnlazer put out a CDR for him called Candyflipping

tunnels - excerpt from a track off of the yarnlazer CDR COLOUR SEANCE

ROB Walmart - filthy from 'contains the hit waterskiing in canada' CDR on yarnlazer

ghosting - snippet from some mp3 i had

zach reno is our deep homie and makes music under the name Ghosting. he also jams out in Valet and with Adrian Orange and rob walmart and other stufff

thanksgiving (mem of rob walmart)- Welcome Home, Human

from s/t triple vinyl on marriage

Dirty Projectors - Grandfather's Jacket

from the states rights records CDR Morning Better Last, which compiled the best of this series of CDRs Dave was making back in the 02 maybe? weird and twisted lo fi tape pop, early african rhythm experiments and other noises...

Nudge - rough mix of a song that ended up on Cached, released by kranky in around 05 or 06? brian foote and honey owens and paul dickow (who makes music as Strategy on Kranky)...sorry bri i cant remember the name of this song and honey's out of the house..let us know! i like this version, anyway, its a little more raw and rough.....nice

Thanksgiving - Home Alone Pt 1 and 2

from Welcome Nowhere LP put out by PW Elverum and Suns around 05 or 06? produced with Phil Elverum...shit is some pretty good fucking music......

white rainbow (mem of rob walmart)- last

this is a song that didn't make prism cause i already put this excerpt from the same ableton live computer jam session on it called Middle....sometimes i regret choosing middle over Last...anyway here is a part of it....

sorry i felt like i had to stop the mix before it got too long, but i totally forgot the be gulls and karl blau and jib kidder and lucky dragons and yacht and dash and all sorts of other goodies from tapes and cds and vinyl that we're in my immediate mp3 collection....maybe that will be pdx mix #2...that is if anyone gives a shit...

i put some heavy compression/auto make-up leveler on the entire mix tape to quickly even out the levels of all the songs...hope it doesnt sound too funky..........


Monday, January 14, 2008

Atlas Sound - Lost & Found (for A.O.)

Lost & Found:
you take away the business
you find your friend, he's listless
he was on the side of the road
you pick him up offer him a ride
wherever you go
you find him he's listless
he can't remember where he came from
or where he's been
you offer connection
he just looks at you like you don't know what's going on
we found him there last tuesday
he had not spoken now for days
his mouth was so dry
and there we saw his skin was cracked
and bleeding in his jeans right now
it was a big surprise
you find yourself half-conscious
you can't remember what you found
on the side of the road


Amazing Amazingness

If you want to know what has been flipping me out in the past few days go to The Breeders Digest and look at the splash page. its a flash movie of a still picture of kim deal smoking a cig and laying down some vocals. the soundtrack is a fifteen second clip of an AMAZING song that will be on the "Mountain Battles" album coming out april 8. amazing. amazing. amazing.

I wanted to upload another song by the japanese band les rallizes denudes for you guys to hear but mediafire still seems to be fucked up. maybe tomorrow. Until then here is a video of the song..

Les Rallizes Denudes - Night of the Assasins:

Les Rallizes Denudes (also known as Hadaka no Rallizes) are an influential, yet reclusive Japanese psychedelic noise band. They were formed in 1967, and the band was known for their ties to avant-garde theater groups (as typified by Shuji Terayama's troupe) and leftist political groups, as well as for their feedback-drenched live shows and use of strobe lights and mirror balls onstage, which earned them comparisons to the Velvet Underground. Most of their albums that have been released are in very limited editions.
The band's style is typified by simple, repeated bass lines and shrieking guitar feedback.
In 1970, the original bass player Moriaki Wakabayashi was involved in the hijacking of Japan Airlines Flight 351 orchestrated by the Japanese Red Army. Singer Takashi Mizutani was allegedly offered a role in the hijacking but turned it down.

-from Wikipedia

Saturday, January 12, 2008

For Madeline: Atlas Sound - Children's Hospital

I am going to try and get started with the healing music project but its going to have to be a long-term project due to the amount of responses i received. I'd like to start with this song for Madeline. I first met Madeline at the Pitchfork festival. While we were playing I saw a girl in the crowd holding up a big hand-made sign that read "Bradford, I have a Heart Condition Too, Let's Be Friends." I talked to her later that day and she is a real sweet person.

She wrote to me fort the healing project:

my strange situations have been mostly heart related i suppose.

when i was in seventh grade my mom and i flew up to minnesota to get my first ICD/pacemaker. Not like they couldn't have done it anywhere, but there was a specialist, who was more like a houseplant actually, who my parents wanted to be around when i went under. The first day we got there we had a few stressful meetings with doctors. We got back to our room in the holiday inn or something and i was obviously in a sad state. My mom told me that i could throw a fit if i wanted. And i wanted to. I wanted to badly. She even informed me that i could swear as much as i wanted. I thought that was silly of her to say and all i could do was laugh.

the next semi-related event was probably in march. My mom and dad took me to Manny's Deli and told me that Dr. Webb, my cardiologist, and Dr. Franklin, my electrophysiologist had called. My device had a recall. I know i just sat there and took it. But i've always been so mad at them for telling me in a deli. a place where i couldn't have any assumed reactions because i hate to cry in public. i cant forgive them for telling me in a deli. at least tell me in an empty restaurant. Not a room where someone was having a business lunch discussing facts and figures for the fiscal year.

Well... I can relate...

When I was sixteen I was in a Children's Hospital for months at a time, mostly in ICU after intensive surgeries on my chest, ribcage, and back. It would be very complicated to explain the details of the surgeries but they are related to the Marfan Syndrome from which both my sister and I suffer.... I ended up becoming addicted to hydrocodone as a result of this and it took years to overcome that...

Here is me with a nurse who just so happened to be the mother of this notorious athens garage rock vinyl collector guy i knew who puts on shows and stuff. weird coincidence...

My sister wheels me out to go home... she had this same surgery when she was a child.

Children's Hospital (Screaming in the Face of Death #2)

i was given one ice chip an hour
just one ice chip an hour
not enough to quench my thirst
i thought that my stomach would burst

dad, dad, dad, dad, dad....

give me some relief
give me some relief
i've had the most horrible dreams
i've had the most horrible dreams

dad, dad, dad, dad, dad....

the girl next to me never shuts up
she screams and screams and won't shut up
she screams all night and won't shut up
she screams for her mom, but she won't shut up

dad, dad, dad, dad, dad....

i need some relief, i need some release
will you pray for me?
will you pray for me?

i was given one ice chip an hour
just one ice chip an hour
not enough to quench my thirst
they were afraid my stomach would burst

and the girl and the girl and the girl and the girl
and the girl and the girl and the girl and the girl

screaming in the face of death
she was screaming in the face of death
screaming at the angel
screaming at the angel

we're only children
screaming in the face of death
screaming in the face of death
screaming in the face of death
screaming in the face of death
screaming in
screaming in
screaming in
screaming in
screaming in
screaming in


For those of you who might not understand the lyrics, when you get out of icu and regain conciousness you can't just drink and eat normally because it would shock your system. You are literally allowed to suck on ice chips, only like one every hour, you thirst and thirst and beg for more and there's nothing anyone can do. The girl next to me was a really sad situation. She was the daughter of a high profile player for the Atlanta Braves. She contracted E-Coli from a Whitewater amusement park and was in terrible pain and screamed constantly. Her parents had to leave her at night and she just screamed and screamed and I tried to drown it out with my walkman. One day I woke up and her bed was gone and there was no screaming. She had died in the middle of the night. That's how I spent my sixteenth summer. Which might explain why I refer to that age so much on Cryptograms. It was like an invisible summer that never happened. It was also in the hospital that i wrote the first lyrics for "Spring Hall Convert." As I previously wrote about a long time ago on this blog, I was inspired by a picture I had in my backpack in the hospital. The picture was of my best friend Sarah in a hallway at my High School bathed in light from a window in the ceiling. The line "So I woke up..." is about waking up from being in ICU in a coma. The references to radiation were inspired by kids in the same hospital, little kids, being treated for leukemia and cancer. I've always empathized so much with these kids. The song "Quarantined" on the Atlas Sound record is about children living with AIDS. I am kind of fixated on childhood illness. I will always feel like a sickly kid.

This song samples Charlemagne Palestine's "Two Fifths" from the Album "Four Manifestations on Six Elements"

Download it HERE. It is a very theraputic and calming record.

Atlas Sound - Brother (You Don't Have To Lay Down Your Guns)

Recorded on CEDARCREST PLANTATION outisde Davis County, Spring 1983.
Originally released on Market Press Tapes. This song was recorded in a garden. Outside-
There was no way to recreate the process. Here is an excerpt:

accepted contact, an engine for change
rosewater contract the crippled exchange
brother you don't have to lay down your guns
brother you don't have to lay down your guns
accepted the format
was ready for a change
the dog that grew from a puppy into mange
brother you don't have to lay down your guns
brother i told you this: "you know its never fun"
"you know its never fun"
accepted contract an engine for change
the believers accept that
the others change
brother you don't have to lay down your guns
oh brother you don't have to lay down your guns
in the cold rain mattresses rotting
the newsprint is fading
your mothers are crying
brother you don't have to lay down your guns
brother its not much its not much fun


DOWNLOAD SONG KIT: ATLAS SOUND - Brother (You Don't Have To Lay Down Your Arms).mp3

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Meet the Atlas Sound Music Group

All Photos By Tim Schaar

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce to you tonight, the Atlas Sound Music Group...."

(L-R: Brian Foote, Stephanie Macksey, Honey Owens, Adam Forkner. On top: B. Cox)


You know me already. I might play some drums with Valet too.


Brian has a group called Nudge which is also on Kranky. Brian also taught me a lot about how to record stuff. He designed my set-up. He is a serious bro. He's also playing with Valet on this tour.


Adam has been involved in TONS of shit. His most recent project is White Rainbow, who will be playing on this tour as well. He has also been involved with too many bands to list. He is a TEAM PLAYER and enjoys FUN TIMES. Read more about him on Wikipedia!


Stephanie is the sweetest. I've known her for a while but her induction into the Atlas Music Hippie Cult was the result of serendipity. I had responded to this dude's post on craigslist about an old analog univox keyboard. I went to go see it and he had all these weird effects. I was like "wow, you have cool pedals and shit..." and he was like "oh.. they are all Stephanie's..." and I'm like "Woah, Stephanie plays music?" and he's like "Yes." so I ditched without buying the keyboard and walked next door to Stephanie's place and knocked on her door. I asked her why she was keeping her music a secret. Then I FORCED her to let me listen to some tapes she had made on a 4-track and was blown away. She is super talented and PROBABLY THE NICEST AND EASIEST GOING PERSON IN ATLANTA. I was stoked. So I kidnapped her and told her she had to learn the drums.


Honey is known for her work with Jackie-O Motherfucker, World, Co-owning the Yarnlazer label with Adam, and more recently recordings under the name Valet. Valet melts my mind. Go. Listen. Now. Valet will also be playing on this tour. It is going to be amazing.

Here is how we chill....

Perry Feral Solo Tour 2002:
All Ages shows are marked with an asterisk (*)

feb 19: ATLANTA, GA - Drunken Unicorn*
feb 20: CHAPEL HILL, NC - Local 506*
feb 21: WASHINGTON DC - Black Cat*
feb 22: PHILADELPHIA, PA - Johnny Brendas
feb 23: NEW YORK, NY - Mercury Lounge
feb 24: BROOKLYN, NY - Music Hall
feb 26: BOSTON, MA - Middle East
feb 27: MONTREAL, QC - Casa del Popolo
feb 28: TORONTO, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
feb 29: DETROIT, MI - Magic Stick
mar 1: CHICAGO, IL - Empty Bottle
mar 2: MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Triple Rock
mar 5: VANCOUVER, BC - Pat's Pub
mar 6: SEATTLE, WA - Crocodile
mar 7: PORTLAND, OR - Holocene
mar 8: SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Bottom of the Hill*
mar 11: LOS ANGELES, CA - Echo

We have some more stuff coming up. I'll keep you posted. I'm trying to do as many all ages shows as possible. If we are playing in your town and its not all ages we will try our best to do an in-store or something. Some of the shows are 18+. Also, sometimes you can get in if you are with an older guardian or something. Sorry to those of you who wrote me about this, I wish I could change it.

P.S. my mom got me the hat for christmas. it rocks. It's like wearing a small kitten on your head.